Spring bells:)  Happy I could take this picture!

When we adopted our second dog, October 2014, I started walking them together. My plan included learning all tricks to accomplish enjoyable walks with my then 6-year-old beagle Thomas, and not-then-2-year-old pit-lab mix, Dixie.  My plan was working well until Dixie started to get progressively comfortable in her surroundings and started walking faster, barking confidently, pulling like Thomas (only in the opposite direction). More and more, I felt that my body was splitting in half, pulled in half, stretched and elongated!  Trust me, if this made me taller, I would be willing to bare the pain.  I planned a bit too hard to succeed walking with both.  One other problem during these walks – I couldn’t use any hands to take pictures.  Many a times I wished I was an octopus.

I had to change my plans!!! I felt unsuccessful and unhappy….until I started walking with only Thomas.  Life was simplified!  I was taking time to view the sky, the clouds, trees and flowers again!!!  I screamed with joy realizing spring is here!!  I started taking pictures.  Life seemed easier.  My husband walks Dixie and I walk Thomas!!  I love this plan and I love taking pictures.  Now I can enjoy walking and photographing.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to take a photo of an octopus😀.