Life: it’s my sweet life!


Meet Thomas!  He has lived with us for six years now.  Needs training, but the trainer said Thomas was untrainable.  Thomas listens to Thomas!  We love him because he is too adorable.  

Let’s meet the other:  

Hi Dixie👋.  Gentle, great listener, and runs like a bullet!!  She’s two.  Needs no training.  A trainer would probably love to train her anyways:)

I love having them with me when I drive around town.  They poke their heads out the back window to feel the breeze, and I can’t help but smile seeing their eyes closing as the breeze hits them.  They are calm, serene and taking life easy!

We come home, I open the door…they dash inside the house, out to the backyard through the doggie door – They pee, they bark, they run!  They bark at the squirrels, deer (sometimes they are in our back yard) and our neighbor’s dog!  Then they come inside and hit their beds (our couch). And doze off.  I look at them – they seem calm, serene and taking life easy!

Next post about food,😋.