Never thought!!

sun set on the ocean

(The sunset photo is unaltered. No editing, just the way I saw it.). I took it from the cruise ship I was on!  It all began with my husband proposing the idea that I go on a cruise with my daughter, I agreed and we sailed!  He couldn’t go & neither could my son.  Initially, the idea of such an adventure got me excited.  However, as the day to depart got closer, I was unsure and I was a bit nervous – I thought what would I do by myself?   All our vacations have been family vacations.  This time I would be accompanied by two minors – my daughter and her friend.  Two teenage girls!  Of course, nothing to worry about there!  

So the day arrived and we made it on the ship!  The vastness of it suddenly made me feel all alone!  I did not know anyone in the big crowd of people!  But I held my posture straight and strong realizing I’m the adult here!  I’m the parent and the decision maker!  The girls just followed me as we made our way to our stateroom.  Once there, I took a deep breath and felt relaxed in this tiny quiet space – our home here on the ship.

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

Decision one:  To get the girls registered in the teen club.  Did that! The girls, excitedly went to visit the club while I figured my afternoon.  I walked, ate and watched the ocean until we sailed.

Second day came fast!  I asked the girls if we could eat breakfast together before they left  for the teen club.  They said they’d like to sleep in and would eat later, and that they would not be going to the teen club because the teenagers there were up to no good! They said they’d do activities on their own.  I was cool with that!

Decision two:   I wanted to do things that energized me!  Did that!

Food is energizing anytime 😋.  My first meal was a big bowl of cool salad.

first meal: salad!

To the fresh green spring mix I had added raw broccoli, garbanzo, beets, tri-colored bell peppers, sauteed zucchinni, sauteed onion, sauteed squash and sauteed eggplants.  I had taken extra eggplants.  I love eggplants!  To all that, I added an ounce of baked chicken.  No salad dressing!  The sauteed veggies, I thought, already had just enough oil and spices.  I sat where I could get an ocean view. I was romancing the ocean!  And, my delicious salad! That salad really hit the right spot!  It was now nap time for me.  I was quickly getting comfortable here…in this huge space.

Tantalizing ocean view

Decision three:  I wanted to see this big ship.  I needed to walk everywhere!  (What other option did I have😀?)  Did that!

Alone, but not lonely, I walked the decks!  I would run into my child and her friend once in a while.  I did not stop, neither did they want me to stop.  I waved at them, blew kisses and kept on.

Decision four: Wanted to live it up on the ship!  That meant doing stuff! Workout, eat and live the ship life!  Did that!

Each morning, after a great breakfast I would head up to the SPA area, where the exercise room was located.  Upon my arrival to the exercise room the first morning, I was a bit surprised to see every exercise machine occupied.  Instead of leaving, I decided to hang around and watch people on these machines and familiarize myself with the room.  I had all the time!  I had no groceries I needed to run get, I had no laundry that I needed to throw in the drier, and I had no kids who needed to be dropped off or picked up from any where.  I really did have all the time!  I sat there watching more people and scanning the place for restroom, towels, mats and for a good spot for stretching!  Every morning thereafter I noticed less and less people.  By the last day of the cruise, I was the only one in that workout room. (Worked well for me👏).

Remembering my second day – Second day, after a killing workout, I had planned on rewarding myself later that evening by going dancing – of course, all by myself!  But I needed some rest first.  I went to rest in my nice comfy bed after dinner only to wake up bright and early the next morning😉!  I kindly accepted the fact that I may not ever make it to the dance floor after my active day.  

Loved my breakfast

Healthy and yummy breakfast got me going each morning.  All five mornings!  Workout after that breakfast was nothing but the best!  A quick shower after workout was refreshing.  Energized everyday, I walked on the Sports Deck…played putt-putt golf; walked on Promanade Deck…watched people getting pictures made,  kids of all ages going up and down the glass elevators; checked out the theater, the library, and the coffee shop. I watched people! People laughing, talking and having fun. Everyone seemed very content and happy!

All five days for me turned out to be “fun-tastic”.  I realized that I didn’t need too much to make me happy!  Every afternoon, after lunch, I found a comfy spot with a great ocean view where I read a novel that I had checked out from the ship’s cute little library.

Looking back, five days of cruise life went by quickly.  Crew members whom I met regularly on the ship came to know me well.  We chatted a bit each time we met, and they made sure that all my needs were met.  I appreciated them a lot.  And, they loved talking to me!  

I woke up really early on the last morning of my cruise.  I peeked out of my window to see if we were still sailing.  To my surprise the ship had made it back safely to the port from where we had departed earlier in the week.  I met a few crew members while I ate my last breakfast.  We said goodbyes.  They wished me a safe journey home, and asked me to come see them again.  I felt close to them at that moment.  But, I needed to get off the ship!  Once out of the ship, the land world hit me hard…it was a hot day, and I needed to get started toward getting back home.  The girls… I didn’t forget them:). They were too exhausted to say anything.  We were a quiet bunch rest of the trip.  And, I was fine with that.

Will I do a trip by myself?  Absolutely!!! (Girls were with me but really not!)


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