My Recipe: Buffalo Boneless Chicken Wing Balls 

These Buffalo Chicken Wing Balls are seriously yummy!  Sauces I used were Original Anchor Bar Wing Sauce and Tabasco sauce.  That’s it!

1. I chopped up chicken breast.  I chopped it when they were not thawed all the way, but still a bit frozen.  It’s super easy to cut and chop the meat when it’s not completely frozen.  Need a sharp knife for sure!  I, then, added the wing sauce and Tabasco sauce in the chicken, and marinated the chicken for an hour.

2. Then I filled an ice-cube tray with the marinated chicken and covered the tray with aluminum foil, and placed it in the freezer for an hour.  The chicken meat somewhat soldifies…let’s say semi frozen. Not rock solid!

3. After an hour, I took the ice-cube tray with the chicken out from the freezer, and unwrapped the foil .  I scooped out semi-frozen chicken balls one at a time and dropped them in the flour mix (recipe below).  Coated them well, shook off excess coating, and dropped them in heated oil.  Medium to low heat.  Fried 4 to 5 balls at a time.


4.  Fried them for 3-4 minutes until golden.  Put them on paper towel to soak oil.  Then for the grand finale…


5.  I dropped the fried chicken balls in the sauce mix, and gently stirred them in the sauce to coat well.  I arranged them on a plate and…


…It was time to eat them!  Delicious!

Ingredients for above recipe:

2 Chicken breast semi frozen, cut in tiny cubes (chopped)

1 Cup Original Anchor Bar Wing Sauce (use more if you want extra saucy wing balls)

1 Teaspoon Tabasco Sauce (optional). Use only if you want extra heat!

 Marinate for the chopped chicken breast:

4 Tablespoons Anchor Bar wing Sauce

1 Teaspoon Tabasco Sauce

Flour Mix:

1/2 Cup White Flour

1/2 Cup Corn Meal

1/2 Teaspoon ground black pepper

Mix all three ingredients and you have the flour mix.  I add no salt because the sauce has enough in it.

And there you have it!  It’s easy and yummy!!  These boneless wings are not as high in calories because the flour coating is not heavy as in store-bought frozen ones or the ones from the restaurants.  The coating is thin, you can actually see the pink chicken underneath before it’s fried.  Eaten fresh it’s light and crispy to taste!  I love this recipe…hope you will too.

…enjoy now! ..until next time.  Thank you for checking out my blog.


Doggy Photo Shoot Day #5


I look big but I am a little kid
Say hello to Dixie!  This is my second one!  She is big like she says, and she will sit on your lap thinking she’s a chihuahua😄.   Only thing is that I cannot fit her in my purse and take her to the stores.

…hope you enjoyed.

…until next time…hugs!

Doggy Photo Shoot Day #4

“I want to get up there!”

“Come down my dear friend. We can play together, I’ll chase you and I’ll catch you.  You need to just run in front of me,” pleads Thomas to his buddy squirrel.  Not ready to give up, he intently keeps his gaze upwards for his friend’s descent.

…still waiting! …thanks for checking out my blog…until next time…hugs!

My Time. My Pace.

It was my cycling class where the instructor, encouraging us to sprint, said, “Go, go, go, you can do this.  You can do anything for 30-seconds.  Try to get to 140”.  That is FAST!  I pedaled like crazy.  Absolutely right!  I can do anything for 30-seconds.  Sprinting was tough, but I did it.  Then I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could apply, “You can do anything for 30-seconds” to other aspects of my life.  Pedaling fast and hard to accomplish my daily goals would translate into me having to aggressively multitask.   And, sadly, I don’t multitask.  I just cannot!  And, because of that I struggle to find time to reach my daily goals.  While I try to catch time, I find that it already has flown by!  I talk to time, all the time.

“Time please go slow for me”

In hopes to slow down time, I motivate and meditate everyday.  I visualize my time and activities.  Visualization helps me gain control of my time and day.  My activities through the day is then guided by this sense of control.  Time seem to move with me!  At my pace.  Very peaceful!  When time moves with me, I can smell the roses, feel the rain on my skin, and let the sun shine on me!

A slice of my time goes into annoying my kids.  Not intentional!  I’m raising two hot blooded teenagers.  They are smart, quick and all about multi-tasking.  Not me, I’ve said that before.  I’m not fast enough, according to them.  My son said one time that we (his dad and I) are from Cavemen Age!   I laughed so hard at that.  My kids are fast and furious with technology.  Three screens sitting in a semi-circle, all lit up, each running different program.  Kids are finishing homework as they Skype,  watch video, listen to music and play a game!  Add to this mix an Apple Watch and an iPhone, both pinging frequently.  As I’m forming my words in my mouth to say, “Who’s texting?” They have already  replied to several texts and have moved on to the next thing.  I admit I’m not with my kids fast paced time.  Do I  need to start  multitasking?  That’ll make me into a cool mom!  And, I won’t have to keep running after time trying to catch it.

Suddenly, I’m feeling very tired!   I’ll just keep negotiating with time, at my pace.  Right now, I negotiated to enjoy my present time, and finish this topic on my blog!  THE END. Wait…wait…one moment –  by the way, I’m going to my cycling class tomorrow, and will sprint.  At my pace:).  Thanks for waiting…hugs.

And, thanks for checking out my blog…until next time!

My In-A-Hurry-Fried-Rice

Super easy 4-step recipe. Took me less than 30-minutes to make!

I’m stir-frying all vegetables together

1.  In a large frying pan stir-fry mixed vegetables (I used frozen),  onion, frozen shelled edamame (or any type of kidney beans), tricolor bell peppers with garlic powder and salt & black pepper in pure olive oil. Already looking & smelling good!  Once the veggies start to char a bit, turn stove off.

2.  In a small pan, add roasted unsalted cashews in pure olive oil.  Keep stove heat at a low.  Sprinkle salt & black pepper over the cashews. Stir until the sides darken (this darkening is not uniform but will taste yum!).  Turn stove off.

Dropped cashews in the pan. See the low heat. They cook very fast. Keeping an eye on them!
Sprinkled salt and pepper – a pinch each
Browned…not uniformly. It’s done!

3.  Cook Uncle Ben’s Parboiled rice according to the package. Or any rice. I’ve made this with Basmati rice, Brown rice and Black rice.  They all taste great.  Serve each item separately like shown below on a plate.  I, however, mix it up in a pan on low heat until well heated.

Serve just like this or…
…Mixing it all together for a great tasting dish!

4.  Scoop the fried rice on a plate and enjoy!  You can always add fish, chicken, beef or tofu.  You can pan fry, bake or grill them!  My husband wanted the original version: vegetarian (this recipe is also vegan).  I, however, added 3-oz Rotisserie chicken breast to my dish.   And now, I’ll tell you a secret —  I added my favorite hot sauce to my dish!  Tabasco!  And, I loved it!

Ingredients for one serving:

(For cooking steps, please see above instructions with photos)

Frozen Mixed Veggie – 1/4 Cup

Frozen shelled Edamame – 1/4 Cup

Onion (roughly chopped) – 1/2 of a medium size

Garlic Powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Roasted Cashews Unsalted – 1/8 Cup (about 8-10  cashews) (do not add salt if using salted)

Rice – 1/2 Cup Cooked

Salt & Pepper

Nutritional Value (one serving)  without the chicken:

Calories: 257; Fat: 9.9 g; Carbohydrate: 33.4 g; Fiber: 3.7 g; Protein: 17.7 g

With 3-oz Rotisserie chicken added to this dish:

Calories: 392.5; Fat: 15.2 g; Carbohydrate: 33.8 g; Fiber: 3.7 g; Protein: 38.2 g

…Will be knocking on your door soon…hugs!  And, thanks for checking out my blog.