Doggy Photo Shoot Day #12

“Blah blah blah…I hear you…I know you love me…rub my belly and show me how much you love me…hurry up!”

Close Up … Cool Cucumber!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Close Up.”

See these cool clear water droplets oozing from this cucumber! They are tantalizing! I can practically feel them burst inside my mouth cooling me all over!

It takes a village…for sure!

Hit by a truck!   On a busy highway!  This scene is not unusual when zillions of cars and trucks, only a few feet apart from each other, whiz by on our massive highways.

I sent a casual text one morning to say hello to my good friend only to find out that she was in a car accident three days ago.  Hit by an 18-wheeler, on a busy highway.  My friend dodged this one!  But was not free from physical and mental trauma.

I called her right away to get details.  She said, she saw this big truck appear behind her car.  Not a big deal there, we share these highways.  My friend took a deep breath, exhaled and continued to speak, “What was fearful was that it was approaching my car a bit too fast and before I knew it, I felt a heavy jerking motion.”  The truck had hit her, and then hit her again, and then hit her for the third time!  Helpless and alone, she did not know what was going on.  When she watched the truck speed up toward the back of her car for the third time, she was in complete disbelief.  She now knew that she was going to be killed, and in that split second she thought that someone was trying to “finish her off.”

Looking back, according to my friend, it was still a good day on that highway – no life was lost.   She continued to say that she was ultimately able to move her car to the shoulders, from lane number two of this four lane highway.  The 18-wheeler did the same. It halted, and the driver got out to check on my friend.  Glad he did!  His apologies were sincere and he made sure my friend was alright.  He then explained that he tried very hard to stop the truck, but soon realized the breaks in his huge vehicle had failed. Yikes!!!!!!  Soon after, paramedics arrived, police came, and the situation was brought to a calm control.

Shocked, I kept listening to my friend on my cellphone – she gave me an update on her doctor’s visit.   The doctor’s prescription:  A neck brace and Valium.  Her list of concern for her doctor was extensive: she was stressed, jittery, and desperately needed to settle her nerves.  She felt nauseated,  pressure in her right eye, pressure in her right ear, felt tingling in her teeth.  She felt dizzy walking only a few steps – From her bed to her bathroom in her master suite.  Repeating her experience in words was taking a toll on her.  She was starting to feel tired.  So we hung up.  She needed the rest.

Few hours later, I texted my friend to see how she was doing.  She texted back saying, better.  I replied. “I like it that you are taking it easy to recover.”   She texted back, “I might need your help for a doc visit.”  I let her know whenever was okay.  She meant right away.  Oops, on this day I had car availability issues!  Her car was not derivable any longer.

We have three cars. My husband drove car number one to work. My son took car number two to school.  His band camp was in full swing.  My daughter needed car number three in about two hours.  She needed to drive to our local animal shelter to walk the dogs.  I figured I had the car for a short time.  I hurriedly gathered my purse, picked up my friend, and took her to the  doctor’s office.  Thankfully,  this office was not far at all.  However, this doctor ordered a CT Scan to be done ASAP!  An appointment was made.  The imaging center was 20 minutes away.  But how will I take her?

Car issue persisted!  My daughter now needed her car.   We had no car!  Quickly, my friend texted an old friend of hers, and while waiting for his reply, called her neighbor.  They both offered their vehicles.  I opted for the old friend’s van, since he lived close to my house.  Before getting the van,  my friend and I, took my car back to my house.   On her way to the shelter,  my daughter dropped us to the old friend’s house. We hopped into his van and off we went to the imaging center.

CT Scan was done. We headed back.  By this time, my friend was exhausted.  I dropped her at her house, and headed to the old friend’s house.  He then drove the van and dropped me at my house.  I thanked him, and he left.  The day was almost over, and now the waiting was “on” for the CT Scan result.  My heart assured me that my friend would be fine.  I felt relaxed and comforted.  And, my thoughts drifted to all the people who touched my day on this day.  The success of this day was due to these people.  We know, “It takes a village to raise a child,”  Well, I know now that, “it takes a village to safeguard our grown-ups.”  (The CT Scan result – All clear!)  A good news, indeed!


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Doggy Photo Shoot Day #11


Oh my, Sir Thomas! Tell me what you are thinking.
Oh, Sir Thomas, your eyes, they say so much!

Your eyes, they talk to us, they watch us, with a love touch.

Thanks for staying with us!

You changed our family and the way we love.

Tail up high, wagging side to side, expresses your happiness here,

This is a family, always; and our love is strong, so do not fear!

Oh Sir Thomas,

When we see the love in your eyes, there is no doubt, it’s totally clear!



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Doggy Photo Shoot Day #10

Your ears!  I love them Sir Thomas.  They are so very soft!
Your ears! I love them Sir Thomas. They are so very soft!
If Thomas was a human, he would definitely be an Englishman.  He is deeply reserved:)  And, boy is he cute!  I look for opportunities to give him a big squishy, cuddly bear, all American hug!  And, every opportunity fails to materialize:(  He wiggles out of the hug, shakes himself and quickly sits upright far away from me.  But, then I start to rub his belly,  and he is a goner:)




If you could pick one person to be commemorated on a day dedicated to him/her alone, who would you choose?

My Dad! I would want to meet his soul in my next life, and lives thereafter.  I think of him everyday.  I honor him by emulating his zest for life.

A highly educated man, my Dad chose life’s offerings with great care.  His generosity to others was vast and private.  He loved all people.  He said, “Same God made us all.”

He carried with himself a cuddly bear personality, giving away warm smiles and hearty laughs. Sharing jokes and stories.

My Dad was born with a gentle soul.  I love him a lot.  I hugged him a lot.  His hugs made me feel safe and strong.

I can hear him.  I can hear him clearing his throat and telling me to be patient and to hang in there, that things will work out, as long as I keep working on things, the best way that I can.

It’s been a great privilege and honor to know and love my Dad.  A humble man, and a man of integrity.  I miss him greatly.  I also know that he is with me always, guiding me and protecting me.

My Dad passed on August 26, 2012, on  my wedding anniversary.  I know one thing for sure, Someone Up There is happier because my Dad is there😊.  I love you Daddy!

Am I a dog person?

No, I’m not a dog person!

It’s a beautiful afternoon, today.  Today is July, 9, 2015.  I’m enjoying this afternoon.   It’s quiet.  My two dogs are asleep – the way dogs sleep – up one second, down one second, then up again and then down again, the cycle keeps repeating.  If I slept like my dogs, I’ll never get my full human sleep.  I’ll be going crazy!  I’ll be biting anything in sight!

Right now I’m sitting on my couch writing this article, and the dogs seem like they are fast asleep.  As a matter of fact, they seem to be in deep sleep!  I really need to get off this couch, like right now.   But I don’t want to disturb the dogs!   But I can’t wait ANY longer!  Without making a sound, I pull myself up from the couch.  Quietly, I begin to take my first step toward my destination.  And, before I’m able to complete that first quiet step, the dogs have made a giant leap and I find them right beside me!  Wow, that was faster than any super heroes I know of!   Tails wagging, eyes all brightly lit, and faces looking up, asking me, “Are we going somewhere? Let’s go, let’s go…hurry, hurry, hurry!”  They realize I’m not paying attention to them.  They bend their heads down, and march back into their beds.  From their beds, with their eye lids pulled upward, they see me heading towards the john. Oh, so much disappointment in their faces! In their eyes!  Then slowly their eyelids close on them again.


My heart sinks.  I feel bad.   But something tells me not to feel this way.  Then, I hear myself saying to me, ‘Seriously, these are dogs, darling!  You needn’t worry.  You do not need to feel bad about not entertaining them when they want.”  “You are too busy with too many things.”  That’s true.  I  do have a lot on my plate!  I have a book to finish for my book club meeting next week.  I have phone calls to make.  I have dishes to clean from last night.  I have pictures to frame; baby blankets to sew; run to the store.  Then, I have dog-bios to write.  I write them for my daughter who volunteers at a local animal shelter.  Then there’s dinner to be made; and laundry to be done.  The list in an ongoing one.

At one point in my day, I put all responsibilities aside.  And, it’s for one thing only!  And that is for the daily walk my husband and I take with the dogs.  I walk our beagle, and my husband walks the pit bull.  I love these walks.  I get to see nature up close.

No matter where I’m in the house, my dogs are following me around with  their tails wagging.  When I come home after being out, they greet me with their tails wagging.  They give me kisses and follow me around.  They lay on the kitchen floor and watch me while I cook.  They watch me work on my sewing machine, read my book, and do laundry.  They give me constant companionship.  Suddenly, they seem super cute, cuddly and simply adorable.

Dogs! Dogs! My dogs:)


Dogs, dogs, dogs!  At the end, it all keeps coming back to dogs!  I guess there’s no denying that my life somewhat revolves around dogs.  It’s all okay.   If you have a dog, you know how it all works out at the end – We just fall in love with these creatures.  I am in love, too!  With mine – My beagle, Thomas, who lives to eat; and my pit bull, Dixie, who lives to love.

Back to my question:  Am I a dog person?  Correct answer:  YES!  I AM A DOG PERSON!  And, I love it!

…thank you for checking out my blog…until next time…