Card made by me on Pic Collage. Picture taken by me during my walk with Thomas, my beagle. Butterfly and Smiley Face stickers added for sweet special effect.  Those beautiful flowers are the many thanks for you.  The butterfly is me…catching those thanks and sending them your way, http://spontaneouswhimsy.com/ for nominating me for The Bloggers Award.

My heart would want a blog, but not my mind.   My mind said, having a blog would mean added responsibilities.  It’ll mean having to spend a lot of time with it, nurturing and molding it.  That sounded like a huge commitment!  But my heart loved the idea of having a blog.  My heart kept talking to my mind, “let’s do it!  Once we have it, we will know what to do.  Let’s not plan too hard.”  So, the idea to have a blog was conceived.  Several months later, in April 2015, The Unstoppable Optimist was born.  Parents (my heart and my mind), and the blog has survived well since birth.  We learn something new everyday.  We are building strength as we grow steadily.  However, we need the blogging village to help us grow stronger and stronger.

If you are dying to have a blog.  Then have it.  Create one.  Now.  No need to wait.  You don’t have to publish anything right away.  Write that first post about someone you know best – YOU.  If you are not comfortable hitting the PUBLISH button.  That’s okay.  Read and re-read your writing, tweak what you wrote.  Also, give yourself a definite deadline – select a day, and mark your calendar to publish your first post.  IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A PERFECT POST.  You can always go back and edit and re-post the updated version.  And, take those free classes via The Daily Post, http://www.dailypost.wordpress.com.

Tracey, http://www.spontaneouswhimsy.com, THANK YOU, again.  Below are 15 bloggers, new and mature ones.  I copied THE RULES section from her blog.  Here are the NOMINEES: (listed in no order):

  1. The Farmers in the Dell, http://www.thefarmersinthedell.com/.  I love their site because it’s about farming and animals.  My daughter is an animal lover and wants a farm.  This is a good site to learn about a farm life.
  2.  Double U, http://www.doubleupoet.wordpress.com/.  John White is the blogger and is an accomplished writer.  Here he mainly writes poems which will bring a smile to your face.  Love this site.
  3. Reflections for my Soul, http://www.reflectionsformysoul.wordpress.com/.  Robin takes beautiful pictures.  She is also a breast cancer survivor X2.  She has an extensive writing about life and surviving.  Great blog.
  4. de Wets Wild, http://www.dewetswild.com/.  Hello from Africa.  Just amazingly beautiful photos of gorgeous animals.  I love to see all the photos.  Great blog.
  5. Sarah’s Attic of Treasures, http://www.sarahsatticoftreasures.wordpress.com/.  Amazing person.  Sarah is very inspiring.  She posts quite frequently about everything, from quotes to persona stories.  Re-blogs and shares great information.  Love this blog.
  6. A Certain Slant of Light Photography, http://www.lightslant.wordpress.com/.  You have got to see this site.  You will love it.  Zhang Wenjie takes awesome photos.
  7. AnaSpoke.Com, Ana Spoke started her blog for one purpose – to finish her novel.  And, she did.  I am completely inspired by her.  I want to do the same.  Her book is  available on Amazon Kindle.
  8. Photography Journal Blog, http://www.marantophotography.wordpress.com.  Amy Maranto is a wonderful photographer.  I love her photos.  Her photos have been in Freshly Pressed in the Daily Post.
  9. Pebblestone Steps, http://www.pebblestonesteps.wordpress.com.  John Chon is a young Californian who has an amazing blog.  He has won other awards.  He writes beautifully and crafts his writing with personal feelings into them.
  10. My Random Musings, http://www.myrandomness01.wordpress.com.  The blogger is writes passionately about relationships which I love reading.  She is a cook, baker and a runner.  Her writing is detailed and very interesting.  I enjoy her blog.
  11. Eric E Photo, http://www.ericephoto.wordpress.com.  It has amazing pictures!  Breath takingly amazing.  Need I say more!  Just check it out for yourself.
  12. In between Moderation, http://www.inbetweenmoderation.com/.  Melissa Ruddy interests me because I’m trying to do the same thing – bring moderation and balance to my life.  Love her writing about her journey with her two kiddos!  Check it out.
  13. Home Improvement Partners, http://www.customclosetideas.wordpress.com.  The partners work well together:)  The blog is all about home improvement ideas and tips.  How to install, for example, a security alarm.  It’s a really nice blog to know.  I enjoy it.
  14. Downtown Romantic, http://www.downtownromantic.com/.  Laney’s blog is simple and sweet.  I love the pictures in her blog.  They practically come alive.  She posts them in a huge format.  Check it out for yourself.
  15. Leanne Cole Photography, http://www.leannecolephotography.com/.  Leanne is an accomplished and well-know photographer from Australia.  She just went back to Australia after her quick visit to the United States of America.  I love her photography and I am completely inspired by her talent and gift.

☆THE RULES to get the The Blogger Award: 

1. Thank whoever nominated you and include a link to their blog.

2. Write a post and give a brief story of how your blog started.

3. Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers.

4.Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

5.Let the nominees know you have nominated them and provide a link to the nomination details.