Doggy Photo Shoot Day #32

“What are you doing to me?” “Wrapping me up?” “Oh, No.” “Oh, but it feels so soft and cozy.” “Maybe I like this.” Sir Thomas trying to understand why we do what we do to him. Sweet Sir Thomas.

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Doggy Photo Shoot Day #31

Sir Thomas TOOK ME FOR A WALK TODAY ūüôā . After two days of bad weather, he said he had enough! With the Sun shining today, he was in some mood…he kept going and going…and going, for a good 3-miles. In this photo, Sir Thomas taking a short break from walking to sniff nature ūüôā . ¬†¬†

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I’m a grown-up but will always be a kid at heart. My optimism, always colorful!

Things around me are blurry often times, and I understand that’s because the world has infinite offerings. ¬†They all overlap and become out of focus in my mind. ¬†But, one of the infinite offerings is always clear in my head. ¬†I completely embrace it. ¬†And, it’s being optimistic. ¬†Simply put, I live it! ¬† It motivates me. ¬† I am, after all, the Unstoppable Optimistic blogger.

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My Perfect Green Smoothie!

I love this smoothie! ¬†It’s light and has so much good nutrients. ¬†I love to make¬†it for myself and my husband. ¬†Kids totally freak out with the green color. ¬†They don’t know this, but I do add a little bit of green stuff in their smoothie, just enough so it does not turn green on them :). ¬†Crazy mom!

I add strawberry, banana and water into the smoothie tumbler. ¬†We recently bought the Ninja (blender/smoothie-maker/food-processor). ¬†I’m loving the fierce speed of this machine – 1500 watts, and the box says, “Total Crushing Technology.” ūüôā ¬†

I add the GREENS!

I use my fingers to push the greens below that -MAX FILL- mark on the tumbler.  The blade-lid unit does not screw in otherwise.

I close the top with the blade-lid.  This top will be the bottom on the Ninja machine.

And, here it goes…the “Total Crushing Technology” at work! ¬† ¬†

I take two deep breaths and voila! ¬†The smoothie is ready¬†for my husband. ¬†He drinks it right out of the tumbler. ¬†I love this part too; no extra cups or drinking glass to be washed. ¬†I’m all set to make mine, now. ūüôā ¬†I love this drink! ¬†image













(1 – serving; Prep time: less than 5-minutes; total time: less than 5-minutes)

1/2 of ¬†6″ Banana

1/2 Cup Frozen Strawberries

2 Cups Olivia’s Organic mix (can use any other spring mix, spinach or kale)

1 Cup water (more if the smoothie is too thick)

Place all four ingredients in the tumbler. ¬†Close with blade-lid. ¬†Blend. ¬†Blend for 10 seconds and it’s done! ¬†Enjoy.

Nutritional Information:

Calories: 80 gram;  Carbohydrate: 21 gram;  Fiber: 4.8 gram;  Protein: 2.55 gram;  Sugar: 10.7 gram;  Fat: 0.17 gram;  Cholesterol: 0 gram;  Potassium: 281 gram

The salad gives me РVitamin A 110%; Vitamin C 50%; Calcium 6%; Iron 20%.  The Strawberries give me РVitamin C 45%, Iron 2% and Calcium 2%.  Banana and Strawberries are high in potassium.

(I eat lean meat/fish for my protein to balance my meal.  Sometimes I add protein powder in this smoothie and get protein that way).

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Doggy Photo Shoot Day #30

“I’m a big follower of Sir Thomas. ¬†I know you know him already. He has taught me how to be a beagle. My family keeps insisting that I’m a pit bull. What do they know? I do love my family though.” (Dixie’s thoughts)

No Pain, No Gain. Oh, Not This Pain!

Workout finished. ¬†Not exactly the way I wanted it to. ¬†I hurt my lower back. ¬†Excruciating pain. ¬†No idea how it started. ¬†It did not happen during my workout, but right after. ¬†Maybe while I was putting away weights, steps or risers…who knows. ¬†(I heard that)…it has nothing to do with my getting older! ūüôā


Having low threshold for pain, I immediately hit the websites – ¬†read, and read on lower back pain. Started¬†treatment. ¬†Iced the affected area, then used heat. ¬†Alternated that for a good couple of days. ¬†Took ibuprofen as well. ¬†Consulted my dear websites, again. ¬†Next step – added¬†some stretch exercises. ¬† (I heard that, too)…I’m not going to the doctor! ¬†And, stop telling me what to do!

After two days, I felt well enough to try my Body Pump class. ¬†Using my body weight for squats and lunges; and low weight (about 5 lbs) for the rest of the class; I finished the one hour class. ¬†For the rest of the week – I kept low weight and focused on my form. ¬†The week¬†ended well. Pain level, in control! ¬†(Heard that)…Awe, that’s sweet! ¬†Thank you for believing in my research and treatment. ūüôā

Source of my back pain – who knows! ¬†But I do know that nursing that pain, helped. ¬†I’m happy now – ¬†that much I definitely know.

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My friend and I were nearing the end of our moderate rated (on scale of difficulty), 4-mile trail, on a nice cool day. ¬† These rock steps were the last hike. ¬†Climbing against gravity to conclude our trail was a heavily weighted challenge. ¬†Here, my friend is reaching the end. ¬†Keep going friend, few more to go … you can do it! ¬†(She did do it.)

I’ll go for a walk… with who?

When I crossed our main street to get to the sidewalk, Thomas, my beagle, pulled me to the left, a path we rarely take, as I, automatically, turned to the right, a path we usually take.  I decided to follow his lead.  He seemed happy.  His tail wagging, he took his time walking.


Nice cool breeze on a warm wintry day kept embracing us. And, the mostly cloudy day felt more like spring, not winter.  I felt my mind happily hopping.  I heard a complex symphony of sounds in the background РThe chirping of the birds flying over us; the humming of the cars whizzing by us; the soft bark of a dog coming from nearby distance; the rustling of  leaves on trees around us.

As Thomas and I sauntered, I couldn’t help but chuckle remembering an encounter with an acquaintance – I had asked her about why she preferred walking alone. ¬†She had blatantly answered, “Sweetie, because I can fart freely!”

I, too, realize walking by myself is immensely satisfying! ¬†An accurate definition of myself would be ¬†– me and my dog! ¬†These walks are exclusive – ¬†My conversations with myself remain private; my quiet times remain absolutely and phenomenally soothing; my silly but unavoidable burps, spits, and farts become one with the nature :). ¬†Thomas and I walk completely immersed in our own worlds. ¬†I walk leisurely at my own pace. ¬†Actually, leisurely at Thomas’ pace :). ¬†But, both walking, joyfully.

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Doggy Photo Shoot #29

"Folks, have a great year. Make 2016 a year to nap! The best year to dream! Dream big! And, may all your dreams come true in 2016," Sir Thomas wishing you the best in his best way - set to take his first 2016 napūüėÄ.
“Folks, have a great year. Make 2016 a year to nap! The best year to dream! Dream big! And, may all your dreams come true in 2016,” Sir Thomas wishing you the best in his best way – set to take his first 2016 napūüėÄ.

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