Doggy Photo Shoot Day #11


Oh my, Sir Thomas! Tell me what you are thinking.
Oh, Sir Thomas, your eyes, they say so much!

Your eyes, they talk to us, they watch us, with a love touch.

Thanks for staying with us!

You changed our family and the way we love.

Tail up high, wagging side to side, expresses your happiness here,

This is a family, always; and our love is strong, so do not fear!

Oh Sir Thomas,

When we see the love in your eyes, there is no doubt, it’s totally clear!



…thank you for visiting my blog…until next time…



Doggy Photo Shoot Day #10

Your ears!  I love them Sir Thomas.  They are so very soft!
Your ears! I love them Sir Thomas. They are so very soft!
If Thomas was a human, he would definitely be an Englishman.  He is deeply reserved:)  And, boy is he cute!  I look for opportunities to give him a big squishy, cuddly bear, all American hug!  And, every opportunity fails to materialize:(  He wiggles out of the hug, shakes himself and quickly sits upright far away from me.  But, then I start to rub his belly,  and he is a goner:)




If you could pick one person to be commemorated on a day dedicated to him/her alone, who would you choose?

My Dad! I would want to meet his soul in my next life, and lives thereafter.  I think of him everyday.  I honor him by emulating his zest for life.

A highly educated man, my Dad chose life’s offerings with great care.  His generosity to others was vast and private.  He loved all people.  He said, “Same God made us all.”

He carried with himself a cuddly bear personality, giving away warm smiles and hearty laughs. Sharing jokes and stories.

My Dad was born with a gentle soul.  I love him a lot.  I hugged him a lot.  His hugs made me feel safe and strong.

I can hear him.  I can hear him clearing his throat and telling me to be patient and to hang in there, that things will work out, as long as I keep working on things, the best way that I can.

It’s been a great privilege and honor to know and love my Dad.  A humble man, and a man of integrity.  I miss him greatly.  I also know that he is with me always, guiding me and protecting me.

My Dad passed on August 26, 2012, on  my wedding anniversary.  I know one thing for sure, Someone Up There is happier because my Dad is there😊.  I love you Daddy!