Against The Odds: Finally a Certified Instructor!

Body Flow
I couldn’t find a beat in many songs, I couldn’t get the correct poses, I couldn’t follow the choreography, I couldn’t look at other class members in the eye to coach them… All this as I was working hard to get certified in Les Mills, Body Flow program. Against all odds, after three attempts, I finally am a certified Body Flow Instructor! I’m so happy about it. I love this program all the way to my heart and soul!
Against the Odds

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No Pain, No Gain. Oh, Not This Pain!

Workout finished. ¬†Not exactly the way I wanted it to. ¬†I hurt my lower back. ¬†Excruciating pain. ¬†No idea how it started. ¬†It did not happen during my workout, but right after. ¬†Maybe while I was putting away weights, steps or risers…who knows. ¬†(I heard that)…it has nothing to do with my getting older! ūüôā


Having low threshold for pain, I immediately hit the websites – ¬†read, and read on lower back pain. Started¬†treatment. ¬†Iced the affected area, then used heat. ¬†Alternated that for a good couple of days. ¬†Took ibuprofen as well. ¬†Consulted my dear websites, again. ¬†Next step – added¬†some stretch exercises. ¬† (I heard that, too)…I’m not going to the doctor! ¬†And, stop telling me what to do!

After two days, I felt well enough to try my Body Pump class. ¬†Using my body weight for squats and lunges; and low weight (about 5 lbs) for the rest of the class; I finished the one hour class. ¬†For the rest of the week – I kept low weight and focused on my form. ¬†The week¬†ended well. Pain level, in control! ¬†(Heard that)…Awe, that’s sweet! ¬†Thank you for believing in my research and treatment. ūüôā

Source of my back pain – who knows! ¬†But I do know that nursing that pain, helped. ¬†I’m happy now – ¬†that much I definitely know.

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My friend and I were nearing the end of our moderate rated (on scale of difficulty), 4-mile trail, on a nice cool day. ¬† These rock steps were the last hike. ¬†Climbing against gravity to conclude our trail was a heavily weighted challenge. ¬†Here, my friend is reaching the end. ¬†Keep going friend, few more to go … you can do it! ¬†(She did do it.)

Today’s Workout!

I have, recently, realized that I motivate people at my workout. ¬†And, I didn’t even know about it, until now. My workouts have been mainly for me. ¬†I do have to push myself! ¬†Every workout that I complete motivates me for the next one. I self-talk; I do that a lot. ¬†And, that helps me get to the gym, 99.9% of the time! ¬†I have become, what you would call, a “Regular” at the gym. And, that has motivated some gym goers. They have come up to me to tell me that. That really feels good.

Reasons I workout… It just feels great all around! I am able to deal with the demands of the day so much better.

This brings me to the next step, which I think involves my wanting to help others get motivated. Motivate them to not only workout, but create a sustainable routine for a healthy lifestyle.

My goal:  To get certified in workout/healthy lifestyle field. I am writing this on my blog because I think this will keep me motivated to remain focused in achieving my goal.

My ultimate goal:¬†¬†To help make a positive change in people’s lives, who need a little push in the direction of leading a healthy lifestyle.

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Healthier and Happier – Working to be Fit Everyday!

My cheat sheet:) I love it.

My one page note!  My little helper:)

Small consistent changes to eating healthier and living an active lifestyle is what I did to get the results that I wanted. ¬†And, I am still doing it. ¬†I’ve been doing this for almost 15 years now. ¬†I still motivate myself and do lots of self talk. ¬†It has led me to live a healthier and happier life for me, my family and my friends.

Walking in nature is a great exercise. Here my husband is walking our dog Dixie. I walk with our other dog, Sir Thomas, as you may know him.

People ask me if I can help them. ¬†But I don’t have any certification. ¬†I do, however, know how I did it!¬†My little note certainly helped. ¬†I would love to help others, I’m thinking of getting certification in Personal Training so that I can help others. ¬†In the meantime,¬†I still wanted to share ¬†my little photo-note in this post:)

I made this yummy meal! It was filling and healthy, too.

I am regularly reading and learning from different websites. ¬†I educate myself and filter information to fit my body and my given genes. ¬†I fight and beat a few bad genes on a daily basis; but the rest I accept, and continue to move forward. ¬†I, recently, read a good article on fighting bad genes titled, “6 Ways to Beat Your Bad Genes.” ¬†You can read it on,¬†

Can’t emphasize enough – Being consistent and patient is what worked for me! ¬†Small consistent changes to eating healthier and living an active lifestyle is what I did to get the results that I wanted. ¬†And, I will continue doing it!

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