Doggy Photo Shoot Day #54

“Been busy.” “Back to say hello because I do miss being here.” Sir Thomas says he has had everyone who loves him in his thoughts…wishing everyone a good day!

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Doggy Photo Shoot Day #49

Doggy Photo Shoot Day
“Okay now, why don’t you sit and relax and let go. And let go of my darn leash, I’m not going to go ANYWHERE! Trust me,” Sir Thomas is winking at me and whispering into my ears. (I heard him and did as he asked). We were both enjoying this beautiful wintry grass – more him than me, for sure. The dry pointy grass needles were doing a job in my behind – sticking me real good 🙂

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I’ll go for a walk… with who?

When I crossed our main street to get to the sidewalk, Thomas, my beagle, pulled me to the left, a path we rarely take, as I, automatically, turned to the right, a path we usually take.  I decided to follow his lead.  He seemed happy.  His tail wagging, he took his time walking.


Nice cool breeze on a warm wintry day kept embracing us. And, the mostly cloudy day felt more like spring, not winter.  I felt my mind happily hopping.  I heard a complex symphony of sounds in the background – The chirping of the birds flying over us; the humming of the cars whizzing by us; the soft bark of a dog coming from nearby distance; the rustling of  leaves on trees around us.

As Thomas and I sauntered, I couldn’t help but chuckle remembering an encounter with an acquaintance – I had asked her about why she preferred walking alone.  She had blatantly answered, “Sweetie, because I can fart freely!”

I, too, realize walking by myself is immensely satisfying!  An accurate definition of myself would be  – me and my dog!  These walks are exclusive –  My conversations with myself remain private; my quiet times remain absolutely and phenomenally soothing; my silly but unavoidable burps, spits, and farts become one with the nature :).  Thomas and I walk completely immersed in our own worlds.  I walk leisurely at my own pace.  Actually, leisurely at Thomas’ pace :).  But, both walking, joyfully.

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Trio in four photos!


The sun was setting at Niagara Falls and we, three siblings, were standing there…in these three long shadows! I had to shoot a picture of this.


This an awesome playground in SUNNY campus in Buffalo, NY. It’s for the children who attend the preschool at the university…go figure :)!


Back Camera
Anyone for this trio slide! I want to be a kid again 🙂


I was amazed by the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA. Mesmerizing glass art work is everywhere here!

Freeze Banana Slices for Smoothie – 5 Easy Steps

 When bananas start to have brown spots like the ones you see in the picture below, you are left with two options:  1) Eat them as soon as possible, or 2) Freeze them.  Many people never think of freezing bananas, but I do it all the time.  Frozen bananas make the best smoothies.  Better freeze than throw away a good-looking banana:)

1.  I peel the banana and cut them into 8 slices.   I, then, arrange them flat side up in a single layer on the cutting board.  You can use a cookie sheet also.  

2.  I place them in the freezer for about 45 minutes.  They freeze nicely.

3.  Next, I place each individually frozen banana slices into a sandwich bag.    Freezing them individually, and then storing them in a bag keep these slices from sticking to each other.  

4.  Then I place the sandwich bag with frozen banana slices into another bag, a storage bag or freezer bag.   Just for extra protection!  I do this so that these banana slices won’t get freezer burn.  image

5.  And, that’s it!  I just throw in 2 to 3 frozen banana slices into the blender when I’m making my delicious smoothie.  Yum!

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Why I write?  

I write because…

Writing is like a good workout.  Hard and rewarding!  My workouts involve me riding on a stationary bike.   When I’m riding uphill on this bike, I struggle to peddle.  I find myself pushing them with all my might.  I’m profusely sweating from head to toe!  I feel the pain and pressure building in my legs and glutes:)   It is during this struggle that good change happens to my muscles.  This is the reward!  I reach the top of my climb, I let go of the tension, and I start rolling downhill.  I’m peddling at a high-speed with good momentum …it’s exhilarating!  It’s the best release for all stress!

Writing is the same way.  The pressure, tension and climb keeps building inside my head as it continues to pop ideas.  Narrowing down these ideas take hard and clear focus.  It’s at this point I feel that I have climbed a steep hill and made it to the top!  I KNOW I made it!  I’m sweating insanely in my brain:)!   It’s time to pen down my thoughts.  I start writing, and instantly feel the pressure and tension easing, and a good momentum building.  I feel the release!  I’m exhilarated that I’m able to express myself this way, with words.  And, this is why I write!

I’m finished writing.  It’s time to socialize and share:)   Time to meet my blogger friends.  This is my reward!

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Life: it’s my sweet life!


Meet Thomas!  He has lived with us for six years now.  Needs training, but the trainer said Thomas was untrainable.  Thomas listens to Thomas!  We love him because he is too adorable.  

Let’s meet the other:  

Hi Dixie👋.  Gentle, great listener, and runs like a bullet!!  She’s two.  Needs no training.  A trainer would probably love to train her anyways:)

I love having them with me when I drive around town.  They poke their heads out the back window to feel the breeze, and I can’t help but smile seeing their eyes closing as the breeze hits them.  They are calm, serene and taking life easy!

We come home, I open the door…they dash inside the house, out to the backyard through the doggie door – They pee, they bark, they run!  They bark at the squirrels, deer (sometimes they are in our back yard) and our neighbor’s dog!  Then they come inside and hit their beds (our couch). And doze off.  I look at them – they seem calm, serene and taking life easy!

Next post about food,😋.  

Spring bells:)  Happy I could take this picture!

When we adopted our second dog, October 2014, I started walking them together. My plan included learning all tricks to accomplish enjoyable walks with my then 6-year-old beagle Thomas, and not-then-2-year-old pit-lab mix, Dixie.  My plan was working well until Dixie started to get progressively comfortable in her surroundings and started walking faster, barking confidently, pulling like Thomas (only in the opposite direction). More and more, I felt that my body was splitting in half, pulled in half, stretched and elongated!  Trust me, if this made me taller, I would be willing to bare the pain.  I planned a bit too hard to succeed walking with both.  One other problem during these walks – I couldn’t use any hands to take pictures.  Many a times I wished I was an octopus.

I had to change my plans!!! I felt unsuccessful and unhappy….until I started walking with only Thomas.  Life was simplified!  I was taking time to view the sky, the clouds, trees and flowers again!!!  I screamed with joy realizing spring is here!!  I started taking pictures.  Life seemed easier.  My husband walks Dixie and I walk Thomas!!  I love this plan and I love taking pictures.  Now I can enjoy walking and photographing.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to take a photo of an octopus😀.