Triumph and Contrast: Flowing Water!

Triumph and Contrast
Nature’s triumph and contrast. Mostly monotonous, but with plenty of contrast.

Photo 101 day 20 (last photo for this class)

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My Perfect Green Smoothie!

I love this smoothie! ¬†It’s light and has so much good nutrients. ¬†I love to make¬†it for myself and my husband. ¬†Kids totally freak out with the green color. ¬†They don’t know this, but I do add a little bit of green stuff in their smoothie, just enough so it does not turn green on them :). ¬†Crazy mom!

I add strawberry, banana and water into the smoothie tumbler. ¬†We recently bought the Ninja (blender/smoothie-maker/food-processor). ¬†I’m loving the fierce speed of this machine – 1500 watts, and the box says, “Total Crushing Technology.” ūüôā ¬†

I add the GREENS!

I use my fingers to push the greens below that -MAX FILL- mark on the tumbler.  The blade-lid unit does not screw in otherwise.

I close the top with the blade-lid.  This top will be the bottom on the Ninja machine.

And, here it goes…the “Total Crushing Technology” at work! ¬† ¬†

I take two deep breaths and voila! ¬†The smoothie is ready¬†for my husband. ¬†He drinks it right out of the tumbler. ¬†I love this part too; no extra cups or drinking glass to be washed. ¬†I’m all set to make mine, now. ūüôā ¬†I love this drink! ¬†image













(1 – serving; Prep time: less than 5-minutes; total time: less than 5-minutes)

1/2 of ¬†6″ Banana

1/2 Cup Frozen Strawberries

2 Cups Olivia’s Organic mix (can use any other spring mix, spinach or kale)

1 Cup water (more if the smoothie is too thick)

Place all four ingredients in the tumbler. ¬†Close with blade-lid. ¬†Blend. ¬†Blend for 10 seconds and it’s done! ¬†Enjoy.

Nutritional Information:

Calories: 80 gram;  Carbohydrate: 21 gram;  Fiber: 4.8 gram;  Protein: 2.55 gram;  Sugar: 10.7 gram;  Fat: 0.17 gram;  Cholesterol: 0 gram;  Potassium: 281 gram

The salad gives me РVitamin A 110%; Vitamin C 50%; Calcium 6%; Iron 20%.  The Strawberries give me РVitamin C 45%, Iron 2% and Calcium 2%.  Banana and Strawberries are high in potassium.

(I eat lean meat/fish for my protein to balance my meal.  Sometimes I add protein powder in this smoothie and get protein that way).

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(Extra)ordinary in ordinary sight

An oil spill, on the roadside from an ordinary vehicle, spreading in a bit of standing water, collected from last night's rain. This morning the oil spill is shining strongly due to intense sun rays falling on it
On my walk this morning, I saw an oil spill, likely from an ordinary vehicle. I got interested because it looked so beautiful. It had artistically spread in the standing water, collected from last night’s rain. And this morning, the same oil spill shimmered, emitting rainbow-like colors, under clear skies and pure sun rays. I thought how (extra)ordinary is this!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Extra)ordinary.”

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One Earth, One Us … A simple thought.


One you, one me, one us on this one Earth!

The Creator crafted you and me with only surface deep differences. ¬†Totally intentional and not a mistake. ¬† That’s what I¬†believe.

Religion, origin, nationality, culture, clothing, language, food. ¬†Tall, short, thin, fat, skin color, facial features, ways of walking, talking, laughing and crying. ¬†In those I differ from you. ¬†I surely walk on my own life path, but not without crossing yours. ¬†That’s how we meet. ¬†You are different from me, but I notice that we are also the same.

I peek inside you, and me, and find oneness. ¬†Warm blood that flows inside of me is the same blood that rushes inside of you. ¬†It’s crystal clear to me that one we are! ¬†All emotions I feel, you feel them too – Pain I bear, love I share. ¬†Let’s respect and let’s care. ¬†

Our differences teach me tolerance, patience, and kindness toward you, and toward me.  Our differences teach me to learn about you, and to learn about me.  Our differences guide me to listen better, help better, and accept better.  Our differences nudge me to explore ways to show you my love.  Our differences help me to love me.  It is in this state of teaching, learning, exploring, and loving that I feel the oneness between us and appreciate our differences.  

One you!  One me!  But one us. Feeling the same emotions! Flowing of the same blood! Breathing the same air!  Looking at the same sky! Sharing the same Earth!  One you, one me,  ONE US!  I insist!

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Close Up … Cool Cucumber!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Close Up.”

See these cool clear water droplets oozing from this cucumber! They are tantalizing! I can practically feel them burst inside my mouth cooling me all over!