Earth – Our Sweet Home!

Amazing Earth! Look at nature’s construction – a beautiful streak of colors! Underneath it, look at the vigorous plan to unravel Earth. Makes me sad…we are constantly building, abandoning, demolishing, destroying our sweet home…our Earth.


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One Earth, One Us … A simple thought.


One you, one me, one us on this one Earth!

The Creator crafted you and me with only surface deep differences. ¬†Totally intentional and not a mistake. ¬† That’s what I¬†believe.

Religion, origin, nationality, culture, clothing, language, food. ¬†Tall, short, thin, fat, skin color, facial features, ways of walking, talking, laughing and crying. ¬†In those I differ from you. ¬†I surely walk on my own life path, but not without crossing yours. ¬†That’s how we meet. ¬†You are different from me, but I notice that we are also the same.

I peek inside you, and me, and find oneness. ¬†Warm blood that flows inside of me is the same blood that rushes inside of you. ¬†It’s crystal clear to me that one we are! ¬†All emotions I feel, you feel them too – Pain I bear, love I share. ¬†Let’s respect and let’s care. ¬†

Our differences teach me tolerance, patience, and kindness toward you, and toward me.  Our differences teach me to learn about you, and to learn about me.  Our differences guide me to listen better, help better, and accept better.  Our differences nudge me to explore ways to show you my love.  Our differences help me to love me.  It is in this state of teaching, learning, exploring, and loving that I feel the oneness between us and appreciate our differences.  

One you!  One me!  But one us. Feeling the same emotions! Flowing of the same blood! Breathing the same air!  Looking at the same sky! Sharing the same Earth!  One you, one me,  ONE US!  I insist!

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Inspiration: photo challenge


The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

I walk the same path everyday. ¬†Everyday I look at the big blue canvas, our sky. ¬†Some days I see the sky being painted by big white fluffy clouds, some days I see dark gray ones. ¬†Some evenings I see the sky painted in hues of orange and yellow with clouds turning dark. ¬†Then I see the moon painted on the sky, with stars glittering. ¬†Some days I see the golden hue rising and waking up the birds. ¬†I hear the birds chirp and see them soar to the sky. They are inspired by our sky. ¬†I, too, ¬†feel fully aware and inspired along with them. ¬†I’m grateful, everyday, for being able to witness this sky!