Doggy Photo Shoot Day #27

"This undeniably is a beautiful sight," Sir Thomas deep into admiring this encounter with wilderness.
“This is undeniably a beautiful sight,” Sir Thomas is deep into admiring his encounter with wilderness

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A good day, today!

No reactions, no hot headed-ness, no judgments, no arguments, no attitudes.  Kept my cool and did not react instantly.  Was a busy day, but ended up having a good day, today!

8 AM: My husband dropped my daughter to school.  Gave me extra time to enjoy my breakfast.

8:30 – 10:30 AM: Workout time!

11:30 AM: Checked out my daughter from school for physical therapy for an elbow injury.

12 PM: My daughter had lunch at a local restaurant.  I filled out paperwork for therapy session.

1:00 PM: Therapy time! ¬†The therapist asked my daughter her expectations from the session. ¬†I quickly answered, “Good news. She wants to hear that she can go to gymnastics again.”

2:00 PM: Therapist said, “She’s all good to go to gymnastics, but she still needs to be back for two more sessions. ¬†That’s to make sure everything is going good as she eases into it.”

2:40 PM: My daughter goes back to school.

2:45 PM: I had my lunch Рlate!  Salad with chicken, strawberries, dried cranberries.  Yummy.

4 PM: My daughter returned home from school, played with the dogs, then got ready for gymnastics.  Totally excited since she had missed several weeks of it.

4:15 PM: I called a photo studio to register my daughter for her senior picture session.  After holding for 15 minutes I got a representative.  But our connection cracking!  Heck, I was not going to call again and wait again.  Finally got good connection, I had to be outside my house.  I felt a big relieve!

5 PM: I called the gymnastic place to make a payment. ¬†The director said that she will not charge me until she sees how my daughter does today. ¬†I was impressed…great customer service!

5:30 PM: Took my beagle for a walk.  My husband took our pit bull.  Great walk!

6:30 PM: Dinner time!  I skewered marinated chicken.  Then grilled it with peppers, onions.  Baked a potato and split it in half.  My husband sautéed peas.  He loves peas.

7 PM:  Had dinner out on the deck.  Gave dogs chewy treats.  Lit a candle.  Enjoyed a beautiful cool evening.

8 PM: My daughter returned from gymnastics. ¬†All went well…she can continue. ¬†Good news! ¬†She had dinner…Edamame Pasta and Fruit smoothie.

9 PM:  Daughter started on her homework.  Dogs decided to rest.  Husband went to play tennis.  I sat to blog.  Son rehearsing saxophone with a group of friends, should be coming home soon Р15 hours at school!  Yikes.

Day is over.  Evening has gracefully given into quiet sleepy night.

I really wanted to blog about this day. ¬†Everyday can¬†be like this. ¬†Advice: Need to keep my cool, and not react instantly in any situation! ¬†Since I want good days like today, I’ll be reminding myself of this advice frequently. ¬†Good days to you all too:)

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Doggy Photo Shoot Day #11


Oh my, Sir Thomas! Tell me what you are thinking.
Oh, Sir Thomas, your eyes, they say so much!

Your eyes, they talk to us, they watch us, with a love touch.

Thanks for staying with us!

You changed our family and the way we love.

Tail up high, wagging side to side, expresses your happiness here,

This is a family, always; and our love is strong, so do not fear!

Oh Sir Thomas,

When we see the love in your eyes, there is no doubt, it’s totally clear!



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Doggy Photo Shoot Day #10

Your ears!  I love them Sir Thomas.  They are so very soft!
Your ears! I love them Sir Thomas. They are so very soft!
If Thomas was a human, he would definitely be an Englishman.  He is deeply reserved:)  And, boy is he cute!  I look for opportunities to give him a big squishy, cuddly bear, all American hug!  And, every opportunity fails to materialize:(  He wiggles out of the hug, shakes himself and quickly sits upright far away from me.  But, then I start to rub his belly,  and he is a goner:)



Am I a dog person?

No, I’m not a dog person!

It’s a beautiful afternoon, today. ¬†Today is July, 9, 2015. ¬†I’m enjoying this afternoon. ¬† It’s quiet. ¬†My two dogs are asleep – the way dogs sleep – up one second, down one second, then up again and then down again, the cycle keeps repeating. ¬†If I slept like my dogs, I’ll never get my full human sleep. ¬†I’ll be going crazy! ¬†I’ll be biting anything in sight!

Right now I’m sitting on my couch writing this article, and the dogs seem like they are fast asleep. ¬†As a matter of fact, they seem to be in deep sleep! ¬†I really need to get off this couch, like right now. ¬† But I don’t want to disturb the dogs! ¬† But I can’t wait ANY¬†longer! ¬†Without making a sound, I pull myself up from the couch. ¬†Quietly, I begin to take my first step toward my destination. ¬†And, before I’m able to complete that first quiet step, the dogs have made a giant leap and I find them right beside me! ¬†Wow, that was faster than any super heroes I know of! ¬† Tails wagging, eyes all brightly lit, and faces looking up, asking me, “Are we going somewhere? Let’s go, let’s go…hurry, hurry, hurry!” ¬†They realize I’m not paying attention to them. ¬†They bend their heads down, and march back into their beds. ¬†From their beds, with their eye lids pulled upward, they see me heading towards the john. Oh, so much disappointment in their faces! In their eyes! ¬†Then slowly their eyelids close on them again.


My heart sinks. ¬†I feel bad. ¬† But something tells me not to feel this way. ¬†Then, I hear myself saying to me, ‘Seriously, these are dogs, darling! ¬†You needn’t worry. ¬†You do not need to feel bad about not entertaining them when they want.” ¬†“You are too busy with too many things.” ¬†That’s true. ¬†I ¬†do have a lot on my plate! ¬†I have a book to finish for my book club meeting next week.¬† I have phone calls to make. ¬†I have dishes to clean from last night. ¬†I have pictures to frame; baby blankets to sew; run to the store. ¬†Then, I have dog-bios to write. ¬†I write them for my daughter who volunteers at a local animal shelter. ¬†Then there’s dinner to be made; and laundry to be done. ¬†The list in an ongoing one.

At one point in my day, I put all responsibilities aside. ¬†And, it’s for one thing only! ¬†And that is for the daily walk my husband and I take with the dogs. ¬†I walk our beagle, and my husband walks the pit bull. ¬†I love these walks. ¬†I get to see nature up close.

No matter where I’m in the house, my dogs are following me around with ¬†their tails¬†wagging. ¬†When I come home after being out, they greet me with their tails wagging. ¬†They give me kisses and follow me around. ¬†They lay on the kitchen floor and watch me while I cook. ¬†They watch me work on my sewing machine, read my book, and do laundry. ¬†They give me constant companionship. ¬†Suddenly, they seem super cute, cuddly and simply adorable.

Dogs! Dogs! My dogs:)


Dogs, dogs, dogs! ¬†At the end, it all keeps coming back to dogs! ¬†I guess there’s no denying that my life somewhat revolves around dogs. ¬†It’s all okay. ¬† If you have a dog, you know how it all works out at the end – We just fall in love with these creatures. ¬†I am in love, too! ¬†With mine – My beagle, Thomas, who lives to eat; and my pit bull, Dixie, who lives to love.

Back to my question:  Am I a dog person?  Correct answer:  YES!  I AM A DOG PERSON!  And, I love it!

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Doggy Photo Shoot Day #7

“A-r-e y-o-u a d-o-g?”

Thomas finds a fascinating breathing being on the deck in his backyard. ¬†He happily, curiously and cautiously sniffs and circles-around this breathing being for several minutes trying to figure out who this is? ¬†Best part of this experience – Thomas’ gentleness! ¬†He made sure he did not hurt this breathing being! ¬†Mom is proud of him! ¬†Question is how did this thing even make it to our deck on the second floor? ¬†I’m still wondering:)

Doggy Photo Shoot Day #4

“I want to get up there!”

“Come down my dear friend. We can play together, I’ll chase you and I’ll catch you. ¬†You need to just run in front of me,” pleads Thomas to his buddy squirrel. ¬†Not ready to give up, he intently keeps his gaze upwards for his friend’s descent.

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