Earth – Our Sweet Home!

Amazing Earth! Look at nature’s construction – a beautiful streak of colors! Underneath it, look at the vigorous plan to unravel Earth. Makes me sad…we are constantly building, abandoning, demolishing, destroying our sweet home…our Earth.


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(Extra)ordinary in ordinary sight

An oil spill, on the roadside from an ordinary vehicle, spreading in a bit of standing water, collected from last night's rain. This morning the oil spill is shining strongly due to intense sun rays falling on it
On my walk this morning, I saw an oil spill, likely from an ordinary vehicle. I got interested because it looked so beautiful. It had artistically spread in the standing water, collected from last night’s rain. And this morning, the same oil spill shimmered, emitting rainbow-like colors, under clear skies and pure sun rays. I thought how (extra)ordinary is this!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Extra)ordinary.”

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