Happy Place in Many Places!

Happy place is – the beauty on Earth!
Happy place is – being with family and friends ‚̧
Happy place is – Where food is ūüôā
Happy place is – Where I get aromatherapy ūüôā
Happy place is – Where I get to see the snow *
Happy place is – Where I find this quote – A happy couple: he does what she wants and she does what she wants! ūüôā
Happy place is – a place where I can take a great nap ūüôā
Happy place is – Where I find PASTA! ūüôā ‚̧

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

No question about it, no explanation need to be given – Happiness is with you at all times; ¬†it’s yours to grab whenever YOU want!

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It takes a village…for sure!

Hit by a truck!   On a busy highway!  This scene is not unusual when zillions of cars and trucks, only a few feet apart from each other, whiz by on our massive highways.

I sent a casual text one morning to say hello to my good friend only to find out that she was in a car accident three days ago.  Hit by an 18-wheeler, on a busy highway.  My friend dodged this one!  But was not free from physical and mental trauma.

I called her right away to get details. ¬†She said, she saw this big truck appear behind her car. ¬†Not a big deal there, we share these highways. ¬†My friend took a deep breath, exhaled and continued to speak, “What was fearful was that it was approaching my car a bit too fast and before I knew it, I felt a heavy jerking motion.” ¬†The truck had hit her, and then hit her again, and then hit her for the third time! ¬†Helpless and alone, she did not know what was going on. ¬†When she watched the truck speed up toward the back of her car for the third time, she was in complete disbelief. ¬†She now knew that she was going to be killed, and in that split second she thought that someone was trying to “finish her off.”

Looking back, according to my friend, it was still a good day on that highway Рno life was lost.   She continued to say that she was ultimately able to move her car to the shoulders, from lane number two of this four lane highway.  The 18-wheeler did the same. It halted, and the driver got out to check on my friend.  Glad he did!  His apologies were sincere and he made sure my friend was alright.  He then explained that he tried very hard to stop the truck, but soon realized the breaks in his huge vehicle had failed. Yikes!!!!!!  Soon after, paramedics arrived, police came, and the situation was brought to a calm control.

Shocked, I kept listening to my friend on my cellphone – she gave me an update on her doctor’s visit. ¬† The doctor’s prescription: ¬†A neck brace and Valium. ¬†Her list of concern for her doctor was extensive: she was stressed, jittery, and desperately needed to settle her nerves. ¬†She felt nauseated, ¬†pressure in her right eye, pressure in her right ear, felt tingling in her teeth. ¬†She felt dizzy walking only a few steps – From her bed to her bathroom in her master suite. ¬†Repeating her experience in words was taking a toll on her. ¬†She was starting to feel tired. ¬†So we hung up. ¬†She needed the rest.

Few hours later, I texted my friend to see how she was doing. ¬†She texted back saying, better. ¬†I replied. “I like it that you are taking it easy to recover.” ¬† She texted back, “I might need your help for a doc visit.” ¬†I let her know whenever was okay. ¬†She meant right away. ¬†Oops, on this day I had car availability issues! ¬†Her car was not derivable any longer.

We have three cars. My husband drove car number one to work. My son took car number two to school. ¬†His band camp was in full swing. ¬†My daughter needed car number three in about two hours. ¬†She needed to drive to our local animal shelter to walk the dogs. ¬†I figured I had the car for a short time. ¬†I hurriedly gathered my purse, picked up my friend, and took her to the ¬†doctor’s office. ¬†Thankfully, ¬†this office was not far at all. ¬†However, this doctor ordered a CT Scan to be done ASAP! ¬†An appointment was made. ¬†The imaging¬†center was 20 minutes away. ¬†But how will I take her?

Car issue persisted! ¬†My daughter now needed her car. ¬† We had no car! ¬†Quickly, my friend texted an old friend of hers, and while waiting for his reply, called her neighbor. ¬†They both offered their vehicles. ¬†I opted for the old friend’s van, since he lived close to my house. ¬†Before getting the van, ¬†my friend and I, took my car back to my house. ¬† On her way to the shelter, ¬†my daughter dropped us to the old friend’s house. We hopped into his van and off we went to the imaging center.

CT Scan was done. We headed back. ¬†By this time, my friend was exhausted. ¬†I dropped her at her house, and headed to the old friend’s house. ¬†He then drove the van and dropped me at my house. ¬†I thanked him, and he left. ¬†The day was almost over, and now the waiting¬†was “on” for the CT Scan result. ¬†My heart¬†assured me¬†that my friend would be fine. ¬†I felt relaxed and comforted. ¬†And, my thoughts drifted to all the people who touched my day on this day. ¬†The success of this day was due to these people. ¬†We know, “It takes a village to raise a child,” ¬†Well, I know now that, “it takes a village to safeguard our grown-ups.” ¬†(The CT Scan result – All clear!) ¬†A good news, indeed!


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My Time. My Pace.

It was my cycling class where the instructor, encouraging us to sprint, said, “Go, go, go, you can do this. ¬†You can do anything for 30-seconds. ¬†Try to get to 140”. ¬†That is FAST! ¬†I pedaled like crazy. ¬†Absolutely right! ¬†I can do anything for 30-seconds. ¬†Sprinting was tough, but I did it. ¬†Then I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could apply, “You can do anything for 30-seconds” to other aspects of my life. ¬†Pedaling fast and hard to accomplish my daily goals would translate into me having to aggressively multitask. ¬† And, sadly, I don’t multitask. ¬†I just cannot! ¬†And, because of that I struggle to find time to reach my daily goals. ¬†While I try to catch time, I find that it already has flown by! ¬†I talk to time, all the time.

“Time please go slow for me”

In hopes to slow down time, I motivate and meditate everyday.  I visualize my time and activities.  Visualization helps me gain control of my time and day.  My activities through the day is then guided by this sense of control.  Time seem to move with me!  At my pace.  Very peaceful!  When time moves with me, I can smell the roses, feel the rain on my skin, and let the sun shine on me!

A slice of my time goes into annoying my kids. ¬†Not intentional! ¬†I’m raising two hot blooded teenagers. ¬†They are smart, quick and all about multi-tasking. ¬†Not me, I’ve said that before. ¬†I’m not fast enough, according to them. ¬†My son said one time that we (his dad and I) are from Cavemen Age! ¬† I laughed so hard at that. ¬†My kids are fast and furious with technology. ¬†Three screens sitting in a semi-circle, all lit up, each running different program. ¬†Kids are finishing homework as they Skype, ¬†watch video, listen to music and play a game! ¬†Add to this mix an Apple Watch and an iPhone, both pinging frequently. ¬†As I’m forming my words in my mouth to say, “Who’s texting?” They have already ¬†replied to several texts and have moved on to the next thing. ¬†I admit I’m not with my kids fast paced time. ¬†Do I ¬†need to start ¬†multitasking? ¬†That’ll make me into a cool mom! ¬†And, I won’t have to keep running after time trying to catch it.

Suddenly, I’m feeling very tired! ¬† I’ll just keep negotiating with time, at my pace. ¬†Right now, I negotiated to enjoy my present time, and finish this topic on my blog! ¬†THE END. Wait…wait…one moment – ¬†by the way, I’m going to my cycling class tomorrow, and will sprint. ¬†At my pace:). ¬†Thanks for waiting…hugs.

And,¬†thanks for checking out my blog…until next time!