Doggy Photo Shoot Day #16

My nose knows what you are holding. Don’t put that in your mouth, I thought you were working on losing some weight! Just drop it! I’ll take care of it!


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Creepy: Weekly Photo Challenge


What could be creepy?  Gosh, many things –  Anything that crawls, anything that’s slimy, anything that can eat me up, and anything that can stomp me. 🙂  But hair!  Well, this hair, in this photo, looks creepy to me.  It’s like it’s growing tentacles to grab that poor colorful dragonfly and those pretty butterflies.  Fly away sweet things before you are entangled and your wings are broken.  Fly away fast.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

Inspiration: photo challenge


The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

I walk the same path everyday.  Everyday I look at the big blue canvas, our sky.  Some days I see the sky being painted by big white fluffy clouds, some days I see dark gray ones.  Some evenings I see the sky painted in hues of orange and yellow with clouds turning dark.  Then I see the moon painted on the sky, with stars glittering.  Some days I see the golden hue rising and waking up the birds.  I hear the birds chirp and see them soar to the sky. They are inspired by our sky.  I, too,  feel fully aware and inspired along with them.  I’m grateful, everyday, for being able to witness this sky!